Romantic Movies that Make You Cry

 Robbie’s Blog – All of us, in some way or the other, want to spend our lives with someone we love and who loves us back equally. We are all searching for our soul mates and watching these romantic movies that make you cry is a way to inspire us that we need to keep looking for our better half. These romantic movies that make you cry have one motto as the bottom line – “No matter where you are, No matter who you are, True love will find finds its way to you”. This simple sad romantic movie theme helps us all be more confident about the fact that we will soon be meeting our soul mate.

And those lucky ones who have found their better half (or rather someone who completes them), watch these romantic movies that make you cry, because they want to relive their love, watching others find their true love. It’s a way of celebration for these lucky couples and a symbol to make their love bond even stronger.

In this article, the following best romantic movies that make you cry will surely help increase the romance quotient in your and your partner’s heart.

Sad Romantic Movies that Make You Cry

* The Notebook

Undeniably one of the best romantic movies that make you cry. The wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the husband is totally devoted to her. He tries to help her recognize him by recounting all the tales of their love story from the start to the end. The film ends when both die in each other’s arm. This movie is surely gonna bring a wave of tears in your eyes.

* 50 First Dates

A beautiful story about a boy who meets his dream girl and falls in love. Wait, there’s a catch. She suffers from a short term memory loss, that makes her forget him the very next day. He goes through the same routine of making her fall in love with him, 50 first date and the 50 first kisses (lucky guy). He never gives up on her and proves that nothing can ever stop true love.

* Casablanca

A classic 1942 love story, with a bit of drama and a hint of mystery. This bittersweet film does not end with a typical ending. Great movie to watch with a date.

* Titanic

This is one story that will make each and everyone cry their eyes out. The epic story about the ship that can never sink, which met it’s fate on its first journey. The story about a rich girl falling for a poor boy who wants to go to America and try his luck in the country of never ending dreams. You can feel the chilly waters when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is shivering in water and asking his love Rose (Kate Winslette) to never give up and have plenty of babies and grow old. Till Rose realizes the love of her life, the boy who gave her strength to survive the icy cold waters is dead, you must have run out of tissues in your tissue box.

* Never Been Kissed

A story that may sound familiar to many women, wherein, Drew Barrymore is a shy copywriter who goes back to high school as an undercover agent. She was tormented by fellow students when she actually was in high school. She realizes that nothing has changed much and the kids behave just as they used to. She discovers herself as a woman and with the help from her brother, she not only gains acceptance from others, but accepts herself as well.

* Pretty Woman
This is one of my all time favorite romantic movies that can make anyone cry. Love will find a way and expect it to meet you in the most bizarre forms. Edward (Richard Gere), a big shot, multi-millionaire falls for Beverly Hills hooker Vivian (Julia Robert). This whirlwind romance will take you through a ride of smiles and tears. This is one of the great romantic movies that make you cry and is perfect to be seen on a date.

* While You Were Sleeping

Lucy (Sandra Bullock) dreams of having a family of her own and has a secret crush on a fellow passenger she sees in the subway. Until one day, he falls on the subway tracks and she rescues him. This act of kindness takes her through a journey of misunderstanding and discovering love that is much deeper than her crush. This is one romantic movie that will make you cry and guess what, it has a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

* Maid in Manhattan

Another story that says love knows now boundaries. Jennifer Lopez, a maid in a high profile hotel meets a handsome political candidate Ralph Fiennes. He thinks of her as a socialite, but soon discovers the truth. Their relation gets jeopardized due to differences in her social status and in the end, true love prevails.

* Wall-E

Although not a conventional boy meets girl movie, but a movie of a different genre. This is one movie according to me that deserves a place in the list of romantic movies that make you cry. This is an animated science fiction film of a robot named WALL- E who is designed to clean up waste covered Earth in the distant future. He happens to fall in love with another robot named EVE, and follows her into the outer space. This adventure changes not only his but also the destiny of his kind and even mankind. This is one of the romantic movies that make you cry, and proves love is not just limited to humans but even a machine can be lovestruck.

Source: Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent life on the Web


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    hahahaha 50 first date lah no 1boby said…on 07 December 2009 06:22 @ Thanks Gan Yeah i Guess 50 first date is no 1 coz this movie is really lovely….

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    betul memang romantic movie dapat membuat sedih dan nangis

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    cool…wanna watch thatEirven said…on 12 December 2009 08:57 @ I Guess That Great Sob…..Keep Watching and Don't Crying ^_^

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